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Pigeons and Prose

The Wix website manager always enjoins me, at the top of each new blog post, to 'write a catchy title', so I thought I would, for once. This is a post I've been bursting to write because I couldn't wait for everyone to see the fresh, original, brilliant story I got to pick for my Editor's Choice week at SmokeLong, a little while back: Mortality Event by Hadiyyah Kuma. I was so excited when I read this story in the queue. We had around 180 submissions that week and there were others I liked very much, but this one is special. Any story that can genuinely make me both laugh and cry, while admiring the inventiveness of its prose and premise (accidental and kind of annoying alliteration this time, sorry) is going to win my heart. How could it not. Read Mortality Event here: http://www.smokelong.com/mortality-event/ and my interview with its author, who is every bit as much a delight as you might expect from this story, here: http://www.smokelong.com/smoke-mirrors-an-interview-with-hadiyyah-kuma/

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