• Helen Rye

Reflex Fiction Contest - First Prize!

I won a thing! I’m pretty happy about it (for which read super-delighted; might have jumped up and down in the street a bit).

The inspiration for this flash came from reading about the Apollo missions and the experience of the astronauts who first saw the ‘Earthrise’ over the horizon of the moon. One of them described their view of space as being entirely monochrome, and the Earth as an incredible, bright spot of colour. It was moving to read his reaction. I searched for some of the mission transcripts and they were fascinating. I couldn’t find a way into the story, though, until I was thinking over a prompt on an online Kathy Fish course (and if you haven’t done a Fast Flash course with Kathy, stop reading now and go and sign up for the waiting list. Then you can come back.)

I’m so grateful to Vanessa Gebbie for choosing this story. You can read it here: Fly Away Home – Reflex Fiction

And Vanessa Gebbie's judge's report is here: https://www.reflexfiction.com/summer-2017-judges-report/

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