• Helen Rye

SmokeLong on the Road Video Interview (Christopher and Helen)

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

SmokeLong is travelling! The SmokeLong on the Road blog series will be featuring video interviews with as many of its editors and contributors around the world as possible over the course of the year. This interview was recorded in January this year, while I was visiting my friend and SmokeLong’s Co-EIC, Christopher Allen, in a snow-carpeted Munich. We talk about what it's like working at SLQ, and what 'an SLQ story' might look like. As always, we approach every single moment with deep seriousness and nobody does anything silly at all. http://www.smokelong.com/smokelong-on-the-road-a-video-interview-with-helen-rye/?fbclid=IwAR2LHUeWjD5XQ_2_i3TTKxPKO7MgUsACXwQEnDQWThC7OdIzpRnITnpqHXw

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