Black background, white text: Writer, Editor. Black and white headshot photo of Helen Rye, facing camera, shoulder length hair

Sepia/greyscale photo of trees in mist. Overlay text in white: selected stories

Sepia-blue toned waves. Overlaid white text: One In Twenty-Three

Muted coloured photographic close-up of a white horse/unicorn face with just its eye and a portion of mane overhanging it showing. Text overlay in white: What The Unicorns Saw

Misty, atmospheric muted toned graphic of astronaut standing on tiny version of earth, with rising solar eclipse behind. Text overlay in white: Fly Away Home

Muted tones photographic image of chess pieces against blurred cityscape backdrop. White text overlay: Transposition

Muted image of glittering castle-like wall with diamond-like blurred foreground obscuring the left side. White text overlay: The Diamond Factory

Sepia version of photographic image of a needle and thread laid on a non-descript surface. White text overlay: The Lost Girls

Muted toned image of hands in pale mittens cupping the muzzle of a dog so you can only see the end of its nose and mouth. Blurred cityscape behind in muted blue tones. White text: Canis Major





helen rye

is a writer, editor, and workshop tutor specialising in flash fiction. She’s a newbie PhD researcher in creative/critical writing, based in Norwich, UK. She has an MA in Creative Writing (Prose) with Distinction from the UEA, where she won the Annabel Abbs Scholarship. She is a senior editor at the international flash journal SmokeLong Quarterly.



  • Shortlisted for The Bridport Prize, 2016 (Flat Pack)
  • 1st Prize, The Bath Flash Fiction Award, 2016 (One In Twenty-Three)
  • 1st Prize, the Reflex Fiction Contest, 2017 (Fly Away Home)
  • 3rd Prize, The Bristol Short Story Prize, 2018 (Transposition)
  • The Annabel Abbs Scholarship in Prose Fiction, UEA, 2019
  • 3rd Prize, Manchester Writing School QMD Prize, 2020 (The Lost Girls). Also Finalist in the same contest (Reel).
  • The Best Small Fictions 2020 Winner (The Diamond Factory)



Multiple nominations for The Pushcart Prize, The Best Small Fictions, and The Best of the Net awards


editing & teaching

Senior Editor for Workshops and Outreach, SmokeLong Quarterly (editing, critique, mentoring, workshop tutor, social media, events). I teach flash fiction workshops online for SmokeLong Quarterly, and have run creative writing workshops online and in person, locally, for Norwich Writers’ Circle and The Public House, Norwich.


Prose Editor, Lighthouse Literary Journal

Editorial Advisor, TSS Publishing

Workshop Tutor, Introduction to Creative Writing, The Public House, Norwich

Editorial Board, Ellipsis Zine

Judge, The Cambridge Prize for Flash Fiction, 2018

Judge, The Colin Sutton Cup for Humour, 2020

Judge, The Olga Sinclair Shield, 2021

Judge, The Propelling Pencil Flash Fiction Contest, 2023


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